Friday, April 18, 2008

Comics this week

Countdown to Final Crisis #2- NO!!!!!!!! Jimmy Olsen is still alive. What's wrong with you Darkseid? Can't you even kill a annoying wimp like Olsen. You deserve to DIE! Now die Jimmy Olsen, die!

Annihilation Conquest #6- Generally, I'm not as impressed with Conquest as I was with Annihilation but I will say Conquest #6 is a good finale. Nova finally came into the picture, but I strongly suggest you pick up his monthly series or you're going to spend time wondering why the hell Warlock and Tyro are here. Overall, this is a decent conclusion similar to the original Annihilation's; Full of big, pitch battles with losses on all sides of the battle. I especially like the cameos from the other cosmic empires. A whole tally of them were outside Kree space trying to get in, I like that as it FINALLY gave Conquest the feel of a true epic. Having said that, Marvel need to do better with it's next cosmic epic event or the Marvel cosmic revival might be a short-live one.

Avengers: The Initiative #11- I am very surprised. There's very few deaths in this issue! As this issue is the conclusion of the KIA arc, I thought writer Dan Slott will use the chance to off some of the minor characters in this series. No can do! Instead he use this chance to up our love for several characters like Hardball, Cloud 9 and Komodo. I still think there's too many characters in the series but's working so far.

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