Thursday, April 17, 2008

A plan...17 years later

Now most people know I'm not US President George W. Bush's biggest fan, but even I am surprise at the sheer stupidity of the man now. Bush has finally called for cuts in US greenhouse gas emissions. A good thing, but he only want it to be curtailed from 2025!

Let me's 2008, so 2025 is 17 years later! Now people are saying that Bush's actions are too little, too late; I think that's being kind to the man. Bush has over 8 years to act against climate change but did nothing. He abandoned the Kyoto treaty on global warming, after it's was signed by the Clinton's White House, the moment he took office and NOW he want to reduce greenhouse emissions? 8 years of doing nothing and action 6-7 months before he leave office?

And don't get me started on his plan. 17 years? So the man is saying it's okay for America to polluted the world for the next 17 years? Thank God the man is leaving office soon. Let's hope the next US President has a better plan.

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