Friday, May 14, 2010

Comics this week

New Mutants #13- With Nightcrawler’s funeral over, the X-Men now knows what Bastion is trying to do. With most of their teleporters dead, Cyclops ordered Vanisher to return to Utopia. Being the villain that he is, the man escaped only to jump straight into the arms of Bastion. With another teleporter gone, Bastion now put his plans of attack in motion and ordered Donald Pierce to destroy the jets of the X-Men. Mission accomplished. Outside the useless catfight between Moonstar and Hope, this was a pretty good set-up issue. One thing for the writer; if you are going to have a catfight, then at least let us see who was winning!

First Wave #2- The ambitious First Wave project continues as Brian Azzarello and Rags Morales add on even more characters to their pulp world. The Avenger is a master of disguise who is hired by Doc Savage for a job, while the Blackhawks are a bunch of global mercenaries who are chasing after the Spirit. Only at issue two and we are already seeing the stories tying together as Doc Savage put the hurt on the Blackhawks. I like this move as I had feared the project was too big for its own good and the sooner the various hooks tie together, the better the story will be. This is a solid issue two on a brand new world.

Siege #4- I had said before that I only picked up Siege because it promised an end to the overlong “Dark Reign”. With issue 4, the end is here but frankly I was expecting better from Brian Michael Bendis. Reading this issue, I can’t help but think Bendis is just going through the motions here as the issue is totally void, pun intended, of any surprises and is just too predictable. Outside the death of Loki, everything else seems to be on a list. Osborn captured; tick. Void killed; tick. Steve Rogers back in the good graces of America; tick. Boring; tick.

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