Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Honest Politician...I Think

Politicians lie all the time. I know it, you know, politicians all over the world knows it. Being a good liar is almost part of the job description for a politician and part of the lying for the politician is pretending to be an honest man.

And the public wants it that way! In Australia, Mr. Tony Abbott, leader of the conservative opposition Liberal Party, made an election promise that was in opposition to what his previous stand was. When taken to task on the matter, the man had a perfectly good explanation for his flip-flop.

He is a politician and not everything he says can be believed. Naturally he was attacked for…well, speaking the truth! I mean really, politicians lie all the time so no one can say Mr. Abbot is wrong but a politician being honest about the fact that he’s a liar?

Is the world ready for such an honest leader? In Australia, the answer seems to be NO!

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