Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Acceptance Of The Inevitable

So Israel believes that Iran is less than a year away from being unstoppable in its goal of producing a nuclear weapon and the United States has introduced new sanctions on Iran. I doubt the timing is a coincidence. However I believe there is only one thing Israel and the world can do in such a situation; accept a nuclear-powered Iran.

Now I know the governments of the United States and Israel have stated that they would not accept a nuclear-powered Iran and have not ruled out a military strike to Iran to stop or delay Iran’s nuclear ambitions but the simple fact of the matter is this; you can’t stop Iran! Every military leader from the United States and Israel have stated that air strikes on Iran's suspected nuclear sites would not be effective as there are too many of them and they are too spread out.

Yet the leaders of the United States and Israel have not ruled out possible air strikes on Iran's nuclear sites!

I do not understand why would you want to do something like that when even your own military leaders say will not work? Despite what the leaders of Israel says, I don’t believe the sky would fall if Iran got their hands on a nuclear bomb. The reason is that North Korea got their hands on nuclear bombs years back and no war has erupted on the Korean Peninsular yet.

Also, it is highly unlikely that Iran would do anything even if they got their hands on nuclear weapons. After all, Israel has hundreds of them, the United States has thousands of them and Iran can’t have…1, 2, 3?

That makes no sense. The United States and Israel can’t stop Iran so they must accept them. The alternative is an attack on Iran that would not work and a conflict that would engulf the whole of the Middle East. Compare to the alterative, accepting a nuclear-powered Iran would be the wise thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Just wonder why Iran cannot possess nuclear equipment?
Who the hell in the World gets the right to deny Iran her right?

Ghost said...

No one has a "right" to nuclear weapons. It is not something anyone has a "right" to. However Iran will get their hands on it sooner or later, and the sooner the U.S & Israel accept that, the better it is for everyone.