Monday, November 7, 2011

Running Out

The never-ending stream of new MMORPG games looks to have run its course as various gaming companies have announced either the closure or delayed of games. Several MMO companies are canceling titles, laying off staff and halting development of new MMO title.

Most people, even gamers, would not have noticed anything as currently this trend is only affecting the smaller companies and lesser known games. LEGO Universe and Troy Online (which lasted all of 3 months) announced their closure while several companies have also announced layoffs.

Not to sound insensitive to people who had lost their jobs but it’s about time! To me, there are just too many MMO games on the market. The amount of new titles (mostly poor) on the market obscured the market as older titles see a lost of player population due to player migrating to new titles to check them out. I admit I’m also guilty of this.

So to me, it’s not actually a bad thing that the poorer titles are going the way of the dodo. Sad that people are going to lose their jobs but the better titles will survive. In the end, that’s for the better of the MMO gaming industry.

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