Saturday, November 12, 2011

Comics this week

Artifacts #11- Writer Ron Marz is the go-to guy for Top Cow right now and thus far the veteran writer has delivered. It says a lot about his work when even as the universe hangs in the balance, Marz still manages to deliver a story that’s shows the more intimate side of the characters. He also did the smart thing this issue by moving the focus away from Sara (Witchblade) and Jackie (Darkness). I especially like the tough guy talk between Ian Nottingham (Blood Sword) and Michael Finnegan (Glacier Stone). I’m not impressed with artist Jeremy Haun’s work this issue but overall the series has been a nice surprise. Top Cow feels the same way. Artifacts is now an on-going series.

Demon Knights #3- Artist Diogenes Neves has been doing some great work thus far in Demon Knights. His pencils have been fantastic, his characters have been spot-on and his layouts are perfectly in tune with writer Paul Cornell’s scripts. I put everything in the present tense because #3 is just as good, if not better than the previous 2 issues. The shocking last page of this issue shows perfectly the great work Neves has been doing thus far. If you have not pick up this series yet, then let me tell you this; you are an idiot!

Green Lantern #3- This issue picks up exactly from where the last issue ended with Sinestro and Hal still on Earth agreeing to the terms of their alliance. The back and forth ego talk between the two was pretty entertaining and in many ways that sum up this new series so far. It’s not earth-shattering and groundbreaking like the previous GL series but it is still a fun read. Writer Geoff Johns has a good grasp of Sinestro and Hal and artist Doug Mahnke’s dynamic style is perfect for cosmic characters. The only problem I have is that Johns seems a little unsure which character is the main guy in the series. Even as he sort that out, Green Lantern is still a good fun read.

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