Monday, November 21, 2011


At the current South-East Asian Games (SEA Games), Singapore’s athletes has been going quite well. That includes our bridge players who won a surprise gold and silver in Palembang.


Yes, bridge as in the card game! Now I’m not one of those guys who thinks only Olympic sports should be in a regional competition like the SEA Games, but a card game like bridge has no place in a sporting competition.

Now, I’m not saying there is no skill involved in playing bridge but if bridge is allowed in a sporting game, then why not poker, mahjong or even Magic: The Gathering? These are all games which require some level of skill; does it mean all these games should be in the SEA Games?

Of course not! They are not athletic sports and neither is bridge. No offense to the bridge players currently at the SEA Games but they should not be there.

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