Friday, November 18, 2011

Comics this week

Justice League #3- You know when I heard that the first story arc of the Justice League would be set on the founding of the team and that the New 52 would showcased younger versions of Superman & company, I was ready to accept some changes. Boy, I wasn’t ready enough. Writer Geoff Johns ready took the “younger version” theme to the extreme with Wonder Woman. In this version of Wonder Woman, Diana is a woman who is a naive superhero…and I mean NAÏVE. This issue wasn’t a bad read and I can foresee a lot of Wonder Woman fans being very unhappy with this version of Diana. On the plus points, Jim Lee's Justice League is one that showed him back at his best. His attention to details is still a little lacking but the battle scenes are great. If you like superheroes getting down and dirty with villains, this is the issue for you.

DC Universe Online: Legends #17- The release of this series has been all over the place due to the New 52, and frankly this series deserved better. The issue starts off with Hal Jordan and Sinestro on the devastated world of Korugar. After a short side-trip by Sinestro to explain the battle between his Corps and Brainiac’s forces, the battle continued with the Sinestro Corps taking the fight to Brainiac. They failed as expected but the joy was in the journey. Writer Tom Taylor managed to convey the doom desperation of the battle and the massive mistake of the Green Lantern Corp not to help in the battle against Brainiac. Like I said earlier, this series deserved better because it is by far one of the better series on the stands right now. Forgot some of the new 52 titles (which are crap), this is the series DC should be concentrating on.

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