Thursday, March 1, 2012

Comics this week

Justice League #6- With this issue, writer Geoff Johns wrap up the first story arc of the new Justice League series. It was a satisfactory though slightly underwhelming conclusion. Don't get me wrong, Johns and artist Jim Lee still managed to deliver an issue full of action and a few character moments for several of the superheroes. Unfortunately, it sort of the standard fare. There’s nothing outstanding in this issue which is disappointing when you consider the 5 issues before, most of which had moments that were outstanding. Still, it was a satisfactory conclusion to a good story and I am intrigued by the back-up story in this issue spotlighting the New 52 newest mystery woman, Pandora. Drawn by Carlos D'Anda, the back-up set things up for the future of the Justice League and it was interesting enough to make me stick around. Here’s hoping for more!

DC Universe Online: Legends #24- You have to give DC some credit. The editors at the company have some balls. They change things up with the New 52 and even on series like DCU Online (which focused on a different world), they are also willing to give the creators leeway to do the same. In the last issue, I thought DCU Online had jumped the shark. I was wrong, they didn’t just jump the shark; they dived in head first and dared the sharks to come at them. The title of the series is slightly misleading because the series now has nothing to do with the story of the online game anymore, and they make no apologies for it! I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do but you have to admire courage.

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