Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Common Sense

Now we all know that sporting events like Olympics and the World Cup are important to countries. They are chest-thumping events where the countries can show how powerful and great they are.

So it’s no surprise when we hear of the absurd lengths countries would go to ensure a good showing at the Olympics. Even by that standard, the latest directive by the British Olympic Association takes the cake.

The British Olympic Association has warned/told its athletes not to shake hands with other athletes, visitors and dignitaries during the upcoming Summer Olympics in London due to fears of spreading illnesses. They fear that sickness could affect the British medal count.

Wow! So much for a sporting event showing off great sportsmanship! The British Olympic Association backed off from the statement later stating that athletes “should use their common sense”. Too bad they don’t have common sense when they decide to release the statement in the first place.

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