Monday, March 12, 2012

“John Carter,” The Non-Flop

When a movie is said to have bombed, you would expect that the gross of the movie to be terrible right? Not so in Hollywood!

In another show of how Hollywood is on another planet, they have pronounced that “John Carter,” Disney's US$250 million sci-fi movie to be a flop because it made…US$100 million in its opening weekend? Man, talk about crazy.

“John Carter” made US$30.6 million in the U.S and US$70.6 million outside of North America. How in the world can anyone called a movie that made US$100 million in its opening weekend? What’s even funnier was that the movie opened in line with Disney's projection and surveys showed that people who saw it, liked it! And this is a flop?

“John Carter” is a movie about a Confederate soldier who found himself transported to Mars, where he becomes involved in a battle among alien races. Obviously, he went too far. All he needed to do was to go to Hollywood to be among aliens!

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