Thursday, March 15, 2012

Comics this week

Green Lantern #7- Of all the corps in the DCU, the enigmatic Indigo Tribe is by far the least well-known. So I was intrigued when I read that the latest arc would have the Tribe in it. However writer Geoff Johns has a problem he needs to deal with first. That’s the problem of what to do with Hal Jordan. The current series has Sinestro as its main character and if that’s what Johns want, then he needs to run with it. There’s no need for him to shoehorn Hal into the story like he did in this issue. I mean Sinestro had to go across the galaxy to pick up Hal so that they can partner up again. That’s just ridiculous! It’s good that Doug Mahnke is back doing the art but Johns need to step it up.

Demon Knights #7- After 7 issues, the first arc of Demon Knights comes to an end. As usual, writer Paul Cornell and artist Diogenes Neves put together a good issue on one of the best series in the New 52. Everyone got a moment to shine including our favorite DC barbarian, Vandal Savage. As good as Paul Cornell's script is, to me Neves is once again the star of the show. His artwork give energy to the desperate fight by the Knights but also showed the dirty, heartbreaking aftermath of war. The only complaint I have on his work is that at times there was too much going on but that is minor compare to the overall work he put in. An excellent finish to a great opening arc!

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