Thursday, March 22, 2012

Comics this week

Justice League #7- After the opening arc showing the forming of the Justice League, writer Geoff Johns changed tack by focusing on the daily grind of keeping a supergroup functioning. That unfortunate man for the Justice League is Colonel Steve Trevor. Taking the spotlight this issue, Johns show the thankless job the colonel has in being the liaison between the League and the U.S government. It’s an interesting way of coming down from the action-packed opening arc but if that’s the way he wanted to go, Johns really should do away with the opening fight that had the League overwhelmed a minor villain. Its fights like that which made Justice League such a hard sell for fans; they are just too powerful. On the plus side is the Shazam backup story. Johns remade Billy Batson into a confused problem child; which is miles apart from the old character. Not a fan of the character to begin with, I’ve no problem with the revamp but fans of the old Shazam series will. Interesting to see where Johns will go with his take of the character.

DC Universe Online: Legends #26- The finish is finally here. After a series of stops and starts, DCU Online is finished and writer Marv Wolfman did a good job at it. Personally I got a kick out of how Brainiac admonish Lex for having bad villain habits even while trying to be a hero who saved the world. Some habits died hard! I won’t call this a great series but on the whole, it has been fun.

Supercrooks #1- With the success of The Walking Dead, there’s seems to be trend of writers creating works for movies and television. Supercrooks seem to be Mark Millar’s attempt at this. Reading this issue, I was struck by how well and easy it would be to convert this into a movie. The story involved a small-time supervillain who is trying to help his old mentor by pulling a heist in another country. Now why Spain has no superheroes when America is filled with them is a plothole you can drive a truck through, but a supervillain heist series is something new. For that along, Millar and artist Leinil Yu got my money for the 4 issues ride.

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