Sunday, December 16, 2012

Comics this week

Artifacts #23- "Blood Rites" ends with this issue and the story did dish out some interesting things about the main character, Tom Judge. For one thing, he still believes in God! Considering his character till now, I found that actually funny but in a way understandable. The man did went to hell before. However the main thing of #23 wasn't character development but the exorcism scene. Writer Ron Marz and artist Stjepan Sejic knock it out of the park with the whole scene and it was a thing of beauty. Good issue.

Demon Knights #15- Boy oh boy, does Demon Knights miss Diogenes Neves or what! I mean here we have 3 armies fighting a pitch battle in Avalon yet...there's no way to say nicely; they screwed it up. First off, the art by Bernard Chang just don't do this issue justice. Compare this issue to the first story arc where the Knights formed up against the Questing Queen, the difference is like night and day. Second, I know this is the end of the arc but that's no reason for long speeches for everyone in the issue. And third, enough with the editorial meddling already! The stupid Stormwatch reference and insane Adam One/Merlin transformation was ridulous. I hope the new arc will steer the ship back on course.

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