Friday, December 28, 2012

Rage Alert

RIP, Peter Parker. Or at least it should be!

Now after the nonsense that was “A Brand New Day”, you would think Marvel would learn its lesson. No, they didn’t because now they decided to kill and then unkill Peter Parker.

If that sentence makes no sense, then congratulate yourself on being a sensible person.

You see, in Amazing Spider-Man # 700, Peter Parker lost a major battle with Doctor Octopus and “died”. However in a bid to continue the cash cow that is Spiderman, Marvel then decided that Dr. Octopus has “a moment of clarity”, and swapped his own mind into Parker's body because…he realizes that his long-time enemy was a good guy.

Right, that makes a lot of sense!

Now I know that in the world of comics, nothing is permanent and Spider-Man especially is a character that has a long history of bad ideas. The fore-mentioned “A Brand New Day”, “Spider-Clone” starring Ben Reilly, “Maximum Carnage” (man talk about a piece crap), and a few others but even in the history of stupid, bad, nonsensical ideas; Spiderman #700 is easily one of the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

If you are going to kill a character, then for god sake KILL HIM! At least when Superman died and when Batman got his back broken, they were out for a year and other characters took over. Dr. Octopus has “a moment of clarity” and swapped his own mind into Parker's body?

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? And I’m not even a Spidey fan! 

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