Friday, December 21, 2012

Comics this week

Green Lantern #15- After last issue’s run-in with the Justice League, Baz Simon is back to the business of clearing his name. Frankly, the story by writer Geoff Johns is kind of ham-fisted but unexpected humor and Easter eggs saved the day. The reaction of Earth’s latest Green Lantern when he got saved by a talking squirrel was hilarious. Doug Manhke’s work was a little inconsistent at times but overall, the art was good especially during the space scenes when Manhke was allowed to go big. Hopefully the appearance of B’DG means that the series will go back into space soon.

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #15- Remember my review 2 issues ago when I questioned the decision of writer Tony Bedard to change the focus of New Guardians from a team book to one focusing only on Kyle Rayner? I’m afraid my fears were well-founded as after 3 issues of watching Kyle getting lessons on how to access the power of all the rings, I found things to be a bore. Worse is the fact that the other lanterns flying with him are all relegated to background noise; it’s hardly a team at all. Considering the promise it once had, this series has seriously went off the boil. 

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