Friday, December 7, 2012

To: C.B. Cebulski

To: C.B. Cebulski

My name is Ghost and I’m from Singapore. There was an article here about you talent scouting in Asia for Marvel but never receiving ideas from Singapore writers. Well, I won’t call myself a writer (unless you count writing a blog as one) but here is my idea for Marvel.

I’m a big fan for alternate worlds. I love stuff like Elsworld, and the 1409 and Marvel Pulp series Marvel had previously. So my idea is to bring the X-Men story to an alternate world; the world of fairy tales. Yes, I know you had written a series like this a few years before but frankly I didn’t like it. The stories were too wide and divided, and there was little to no connection between the issues. I intend to use X-Men characters in stories based on fairy tales and connect them together in one big story.   
Yes, I know it sounds crazy, it sounds insane; and this is how I’m going to do it.

Synopsis: Science has been discovered. The world of swords and magic has given way to a world of guns, steam and science. With new weapons in hand and new scientific discovery almost every other month, the people are now actively hunting down the long-despised “M-people”.
Beings born with magical abilities, the M-people has been forced to band together for survival but even that is not enough in the face of science. In desperation, they decided to make a last stand in the mountain known as Utopia. There, they wait for the onslaught that would come. However some of the M-people are not willing to lay down and die. They decided to fight with everything they have. Even if they have to call forth evil and foul beings for their cause, magic will live.
Issue #1- A Sleeping Bird Takes Flight
A man arrived at a castle covered with rose bushes. Their thorns are razor sharp but the man does not care. He walked into the bushes and is stung by them. The man bleeds but continued onwards. His wounds healed quickly by magic and as he goes forward, he remembered the story of the castle.

“Once there was a powerful sorceress who was known throughout the world as the Phoenix, a being so powerful she would burn all around her and could destroy the world. The great powers at that time decided to trap the sorceress on a castle layered with spells. The castle is hidden and the roses would kill any who tried to enter.”

The man went past the roses and after fighting some magical guardians in the castle, he saw the Phoenix. She was a beautiful woman and before he knew what he was doing, the man kissed her. The Phoenix woke and the man introduced himself as Logan. Together, they left for Utopia.

As you can see from the story in issue #1, it is based on “Sleeping Beauty” with Wolverine and Jean Grey.  I have the general outline in mind already for Issue #2 (A Dark and Terrible Beast- a story based on Beauty & the Beast with Rogue as the beauty and Magneto as the Beast) and Issue #3 (The Merman- a story based on The Little Mermaid with Namor as the Merman prince who is seduced by Emma Forst).
I see the initial series as a 4 part mini. The series (issue 1-3) will be based on various fairy tales with characters from the X-Men mythology in them. Issue 4 is when the whole gang meets up in Utopia and fight off the humans led by Richard Reed and Tony Stark. It would be a story where magic meets science and the conflict that would arise from it. In the current Marvel story, the mutants are the next step of evolution. In this world, they are the holdovers. Yes, the role reversal is deliberate.
So this is my story and my idea. You probably will ignore it, but even if you do, I hope you have fun reading. Thanks

P.S. I have no idea how to contact C.B. Cebulski. So if anyone reading this has any idea how to do so, please forward this idea to him. Thanks

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