Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bad Taste

In Hollywood, it seems there’s no story better than that of a fallen hero. Less than a week after cycling champion, Lance Armstrong, admitted to using banned drugs and blood doping to win seven Tour de France titles, there’s already plans to make movies on his life.

Yes, that's right. Less than one week and talks on the movies are so advanced that a host of big names from Matt Damon, to Michael Fassbender, to Christian Bale are being mentioned to be in the running to play Armstrong.

Come on Hollywood, are you that desperate for stories that you are planning a movie on a story that’s less than one week old? In Singapore, the story of Lance Armstrong isn’t that big so maybe that’s why I don’t quite understand it but one week?

I don’t care how fascinating of a character Lance Armstrong is (I don’t find the story that fascinating), but planning a film after just a few days just leave a bad taste in my mouth. Now a movie might be made sooner or later, but it's just bad taste to be rushing them out to take advantage of the current "hot" story. Hopefully, all them bomb big-time at the box-office.

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