Monday, January 21, 2013

Counterproductive Attack

When I read that Pastor Lawrence Khong of the Faith Community Baptist Church made a public plea that the government keep Section 377A of the Penal Code, the law that makes it an offence for two men to be sexual with each other, I didn’t think about it. After all, it’s hardly usually for a religious leader to tout his religion’s view on homosexuality.

So I was very surprised when the internet was awash with criticism of the “pastor’s attack” on homosexuality. I was surprised because Pastor Khong's views is hardly strange or unusual. In fact, I fail to even see how the plea by Pastor Khong is an "attack".

The simple fact is that the pastor didn't ask the Singapore government to criminalize homosexuality because it's already a crime. He was merely asking the government to maintain the status quo. From where I stand, the pastor was "attacking", rather he was "defending". And the reason for the defense was because there has been movement by various parties to get rid of Section 377A.

You can call Pastor Khong's plea as the start of the pushback.

As many bloggers noted before in Singapore, the move to get Singapore to accept homosexuality is doomed to failure. Singapore society is just not ready to accept homosexuality in public. It's that simple. Pastor Khong is not only not alone in his views, he's on the side of the majority. If you hold a national poll in Singapore (and I mean through all walks of life, not just the educated middle/upper class) on whether Singapore should accept homosexuality, I don't think there's much doubt in what the result will be.

Attacking Pastor Khong for voicing a view that's in line with the general public is not only wrong; it's bloody counterproductive! People who believe Pastor Khong is correct will now feel they need to defend the pastor's view because well...they agree with him!

That's the last thing the gay community need. Because in terms of numbers, there's no contest which side has more people.


Anonymous said...

"That's the last thing the gay community need. Because in terms of numbers, there's no contest which side has more people."

Then, I'm afraid, you do not understand the issue of gracious society and minority rights.

By your logic, the blacks should have remained as slaves, because "which side has more people". Or, women should not be allowed to vote.

This war-like tone, which provoked a response, is here :

I'm of the view that politics and religion are separate. GCT should not have waded himself into the controvesy and Pastor Khong shouldn't have taken advantage of GCT's presence this way. If every mosque, or church, or temples were to promote their strongly-held views this way -- abortion should be illegal!!! Its destroying a human life!! There's only one god and he's Allah !!! -- everybody loses.

Ghost said...

Sorry but have you read what has been written online against Pastor Khong? I have and there's nothing gracious about it.
You are however right about this issue being that of minority rights. The advancement of minority rights however only works if you have a civil talk about the issue. Attacking a pastor for holding a view is counterproductive.