Monday, January 7, 2013

Expansions; Not DLCs

Recently, Sony Entertainment gave a one-month free pass to all former subscripters of the MMO action game, DC Universe Online. Now say what you want about Sony, they know how to treat their customers. They don't just kill game off (like another company that shall not be named) but actually work on it to make things better. I mean just look at Vanguard. A dead-in-the-water MMORPG which now boost a healthy population.

I am enjoying my time in DCU Online but having said that, I don't think I will continue playing DCU Online after the month is up. Now the game is F2P so there's no harm in playing it but I just can't see myself doing it. The main reason is that there's no expansion to the game.  Worse, there's no plans for an expansion to the game! Sony like most other companies nowadays, seems focused on DLC (downloadable content).

However, DLCs just doesn't do it for me. I played the new Aquaman and Spectre DLCs and enjoyed them but would I pay a monthly fee for them? The answer is no because good as they are, there's no new area to explore. For gamers who like exploring, that's a big no-no. Basically, there's no meat to DLCs!

For that, you need a new expansion. I hope Sony and all the other companies out there would listen; stop focusing on DLCs and start making expansions again! DLCs may be easier and cheaper to make but ultimately no one is going to pay a monthly fee or buy a new game just for 2-3 missions. You may retain a few customers here and there but you are not going to make new ones.

And for MMO games to survive and strive, you need that.

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