Thursday, January 24, 2013

Comics this week

Justice League #16- One of the problems with the Justice League is that they are almost too powerful for their own good. The trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are some of the most powerful people in the world and that make it hard for writers to give them a viable threat. That is not a problem for writer Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis. Johns give the JL an entire nation as an enemy and any questions readers have about the threat posed by Atlantis was answered by a magnificent scene when Ocean Master call out the undersea army. Reis truly outdid himself there. Also I love the fact that of the entire JL, only Aquaman truly knows how powerful Atlantis is but no one is taking him seriously. The trinity is sure that they could manage anything Atlantis throws at them and only at the end did they discover their mistake. Add that to the Shazam backup (which is finally going somewhere) and you get a great issue.

Green Lantern #16- The appearance of B’dg last issue was welcomed and nothing proves it better than this issue. Having an experience GL means that Baz Simon has someone to off on and the fact that it is a talking squirrel has built-in humor all over it. Writer Geoff Johns gives a refreshing take on the latest human GL and shows Baz doing something even Hal Jordan once failed to do. It’s a good successful start for Baz Simon and now that Baz has followed B’dg into space, I’m very interested to see how well he handled himself with the rest of the Corps.

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #16- Remember my recent criticism of this series? This issue almost made all those bad issues worth it. Artist Aaron Kuber and colorist Wil Quintana team-up to deliver an epic battle between Ganthet and…well, everyone else! The Zamorans, a GL, a Fear Lantern, a Blue Lantern, a ton of Star Sapphire, and Ganthet took them all in a battle that had EPIC written all over it. More importantly, writer Tony Bedard managed to wrap up a few plotlines in this issue. The betrayal of the Zamorans against the Guardians wasn’t that unexpected but the best thing is that Kyle Rayner finally getting all 7 powers of the emotion spectrum. This means there’s no more training issues. Yes! 

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