Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fad Is Over

It's called a fad and like all fads they eventually run their course. So it is with Apple's iconic iPhone. Recent reports in Singapore has it that iPhone fatigue has set in Singapore as Singaporeans are now turning more to other brands, like the Samsung Galaxy.

Well, it’s about time! I seriously never understood the love affair people have with smartphones. To me, they are…well, kind of troublesome. They have a hundred functions, 90% of which no one ever uses. I once saw a friend who had to hit 6-7 buttons just to get to her contacts. To me, it seems kind of silly. A handphone’s main use is to make calls right? Playing games, going on the internet should all be secondary functions, and here we have a “smartphone” that isn’t very smart about how to bring up the contacts page.

So I am more than happy with the so-call “iPhone fatigue”. Now if only the trend would spread to all “smartphones” in general. Let's get handphones back to what they are suppose to do; to make calls!


Zenebi said...

Hmmm...A Samsung galaxy is also a smartphone. As for the friend who had to hit more then a few buttons to get to her contacts, perhaps it's not the phone that isn't smart, rather the user not knowing how to use the phone's full capabilities. They still can make calls, if fact, I think most people wouldn't buy one if it didn't.

Ghost said...

Unfortunately, or fortunately for some people, making calls on HP is now an afterthought. When people buy HPs now, they look at how many apps it has.

Verona said...

This is cool!