Thursday, September 12, 2013

Comics this week

Avengers #19- Note to readers; read the Infinity main series before reading this or it will make little to no sense. In fact, read Infinity, Avengers and New Avengers together! If you do not, you are in trouble because you may miss out on some key aspects of the story. #19 focuses on Captain Marvel’s captured team and her interrogation by the Builders. Though it was fun to note that the Builders has some ties to the Starbrand. Nightmask and company, I wasn’t all that impressed. I found the other half of the story to be much better. Writer Jonathan Hickman scored a homerun with the intergalactic politics of the Galactic Council as they tried their best to come up with a counter strategy to the Builders. Captain America, the Supreme Intelligence, and the conniving J-Son all have their moments and artist Leinil Francis Yu drew everything with aplomb. It wasn't perfect, but this issue continues the story of “Infinity” very well. In the end, that’s all you can ask for a tie-in.

Astro City #4- With the story of Marella over and done with, writer Kurt Busiek now decide to write about someone most comics writers ignore; the ones who has superpowers but no interest in being a hero or villain! Martha Sullivan has telekinetic powers and is extremely powerful but instead of being a hero or villain, she use her powers to make a living as a special effects specialist. It shows her life story and how she came to be the way she is. More importantly, the story make readers question just how important heroes and villains are in the world, and why some people, like Martha, believe there are more important things in the world than punching bad guys. The story fits perfectly with the quirky style of Astro City and artist Brent Anderson looks to be having great fun showing off the many ways people with superpowers can make a living. Great issue! 

Ballistic #2- Anyone want to read Singlish in an American comic? If the answer is “yes”, pick up Ballistic #2 right now because nowhere else will you read a story in a comic that has characters saying “kena” and “chee-bye”! The crazy minds of writer Adam Egypt Mortimer and artist Darick Robertson created this dark world where there are awards like “Thug of the Month” for its residents. At times things went into the realm of parody,  but hey, this is different and that’s always fun. 

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