Thursday, September 19, 2013

Goodbye WAR

The main selling point of MMOs is the fact that you will be playing with other players in an environment that will always be there. Of course that’s not quite right as games will close down if not enough players are playing it.

This is especially the case for older MMOs. So as Warhammer Online (WAR) reaches its fifth anniversary, it comes as no surprise to players that Mythic, the studio in charge of WAR, will be shutting WAR down as of December 18th. The official reason is that the studio’s licensing deal with Games Workshop has come to an end, but we all know better.

After a big launch, WAR has been having difficulties maintaining players. However this is not a post on the problems of the game, but a celebration of it. WAR may be gone in a few months but it will leave behind some legacies for all MMOs. The game introduced 2 great systems that almost every new MMO has to have in their games.

These 2 systems are the “The Tome of Knowledge” and “Public Quests”. Almost all new MMOs have their version of these 2 systems in their gameplay and for this alone, I think players would remember the game fondly.

Goodbye WAR! You will be remembered! 

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