Wednesday, September 18, 2013

GTA V Release

Yes, it's finally out! Grand Theft Auto V has just been released and you know what that means...parents and their media enabler are going to go nuts again on a game that allow that precious little tots to shoot, kill and main characters in a video game.

Not helping matter is the fact that in Singapore the game is rated M18 but kids younger than that have no problem getting their hands on a copy of the game. Now it’s worth mentioning that yes, when it comes to sex, drugs, and violence, the GTA series pushes boundaries. It's part of the fun of the GTA series. However before the morality police comes out with their pitchforks, let's get this straight; if your kids have sex, do violence, and swears, chances are it's not because of a video game. Chances are it's because kids are kids. It's what we all do when we are young.

As a guy who had played all the GTA games since GTA II, I can say this; if your kid do harm to other people due to a video game, then you have a kid with problems on your hands. You need to help your kid with his/her problems, not go blame a video game for it. After all, it's just a video game for god sake!

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