Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Comics this week

Astro City #9- You got to give it to writer Kurt Busiek; he knows what buttons to push for long-time readers of Astro City. This current story of Winged Victory hadn't quite reached the heights of past issues but the trio of young heroes called "The Choirboys" was a hoot. The name was funny but it was also a throwback to The Alterboy, the former hero name of the current Confessor. That in itself was worth the money of this issue.

Hinterkind #5- Since this series started, we have seen the world as it was. A terrible world where humans were hunted, killed and captured by fantasy creatures most of them don't even know existed. This issue can titled "The Education of Prosper" as the thus far pretty boring female lead get a harsh but timely lesson on the dangers of this world and the necessary toughness needed to survive it. As long as they keep this up, writer Ian Edginton and artist Francesco Trifogli got me for the long haul.

Superman/Wonder Woman #5- After a slow setup issue, writer Charles Soule and artist Tony S. Daniel now delivered a flat-out, knock-down fight between Superman/Wonder Woman verse Zod/Faora. I must say the work of Daniel here was superb with the tag team of Zod and Faora against Superman being nothing short of excellent. However for me, the highlight of this issue was the homecoming of Wonder Woman to Themyscira. As one of the few Amazons left in the world, her words to her petrified mother showed that in many ways this Wonder Woman was similar to Superman. They are both powerful beings without a people of their own. This short scene showed why writer Charles Soule is the current hot thing in the comics world, and that every word of praise that goes his way is well deserved.

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