Monday, February 3, 2014

The Name Game

Currently in Pakistan, Afghanistan, West Bank and other conflict zones, the armed drone is the weapon of choice for US, the UK and Israel. They are popular because the drones can be used remotely without risking human lives. So popular are the drones that armies from France to China now have programs to build their own drones.

With their popularity of course comes the criticism of them being soulless assassination tools. So much so that drone manufacturers are now not using the word "drone". Instead they are calling the drones “Unmanned Aerial System” or “Remotely Piloted Aircraft”.

What a total waste of time!

Don’t these manufacturers know that once a name is given to something, it can’t be changed? Not only that, the people of the world has common sense. We will call the drones what they are, regardless of the PR! Take the example of all those “private contractors” the US and the UK employed in the invasion of Iraq. Everyone in the world called those contractors “mercenaries” and try as the Americans might, no one in their right mind called it the “liberation” of Iraq.

I don’t care how determined these manufacturers are in their efforts to change the name of drones. Drones are well…drones!

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