Thursday, February 27, 2014

Comics this week

Deadly Class #2- The debut issue of this was killer; the car chase, the hot Asian chick with the katana, the final scene showing the school of assassins; everything was there. In this issue however, writer Rick Remender made the mistake of showing us the the different cliques of the school. Sorry but this was a misstep. The scenes showing the lessons of beheading and assassin psychology were kind of neat, but I didn't buy this issue for a rendition of Assassin 90210! Focus of the lessons or get the kids out on the streets planning their hits; I doubt anyone who pick up #1 bought it for a 90210 remake. The good news is that artist Wes Craig and colorist Lee Loughrigde are still in top-notch form here but even they can't save the poor direction of the script. Hopefully, #3 will get back on track.

Ballistic #4- This series is ridiculous and that is in a good sort of way. I mean where else would you get a story where a female assassin got killed and then get biologically engineered into a talking psychotic gun who/which can cry? It's crazy; it's ridiculous; it's mad; and it's bloody fun. Writer Adam Egypt Mortimer and artist Darick Robertson have to be insane to be able to create it. No sane mind would be able to think this up. Thanks guys for this insane original tale. 

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