Thursday, May 15, 2014

Another Rise

Recently, the CPF raise the minimum sum (again) from S$148,000 to $155,000. Many Singaporeans are unhappy at this widely expected move and the blogsphere is filled with articles condemning the increase

I don’t understand why Singaporeans are so unhappy.

I don’t understand why because I can’t understand how any Singaporean can still think that we are ever going to get our CPF money. I have never thought of my CPF being “my money”. How can I say that when I can touch, move or take out the money? Getting the money when I retired? Forget about it! How many times has the Minimum Sum been increased already? I lost count years ago. 

So I see the latest increases in the minimum sum as a non-issue. The Singapore government want to raise the minimum sum, go ahead. I can't do anything about it and's not like I'm ever going to see the money anyway. 

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