Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Poor Little Rich Boy

Oh, the downside of having rich and famous parents! For people who think this is an oxymoron, you just need to read the case of Brooklyn Beckham.

The 15 year old son of Victoria and David Beckham is now in the news for getting a weekend job in a cafĂ©. For people who think there’s no downside to having rich and famous parents, he is a prime example that you are wrong.

Not only is the poor kid tag with a terrible name, he gets his face pasted on magazines and newspaper for deciding to have some experience working at a part-time job? Imagine being all of 15, at your first part-time job, and getting your picture on the papers for that. Come on people, being struck with a name like Brooklyn is bad enough, no need to make the boy’s life more miserable by putting his face in magazines!  

All joking aside, people need to leave the kid alone. He’s not a celebrity and is learning the value of money. This is a good thing. He don’t need this publicity.

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