Thursday, May 29, 2014

Comics this week

Deadly Class #5- The acid trip continues as the issue starts right where #4 ends. This issue is strange in that after reading it, I can't help but think writer Rick Remender is spinning his wheels here. I have to admit a lot did happen. Marcus and Billy killed Billy's dad and Marcus and Maria finally gets hot and heavy; however the main problem is in the structure of the issue. It starts with Marcus in trouble and it ends with Marcus in trouble; both times with the law. The issue is both good and bad, both in equal portions.

Ms. Marvel #4- After 4 issues, I can safely say what kind of series writer G. Willow Wilson is trying to write here. She is doing a Year One series and doing it right! When Kamala shouts "Die, spooky robot thing!" while beating up a small robot, it was hilarious yet at the same time so right! She's brand new to her powers and has no mentor or father-figure to sound off on, only what she reads about them on the internet, so it make sense Kamala would say stupid things while fighting (she can blame Spiderman for that later). Even the small scale conflict she is having makes sense. She has no movement powers (no flight, no super-speed, no teleportation) so she's basically the neighborhood hero. Wilson and artist Adrian Alphona is putting together a winner here. Hope it last.

Red Lantern #31- I have to say I don't get writer Charles Soule's decision to have the new Red Lantern leaves with Guy Gardener instead of Atrocitus. Sheko mind-read Atrocitus and found him innocent; so why didn't she leave with him instead of the group she haven't read yet? That makes no sense. Which is too bad because the rest of the issue was great! Kara's inability to control her emotions became a huge problem for the Reds and it took both Bleez and Guy to cool her down. When these two have to tell you to cool it, it tells you the massive problem Kara has. Too bad about Sheko's decision though; this issue could have been great. 

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