Friday, May 2, 2014

Comics this week

Deadly Class #4- Road trip time! Marcus and gang goes on a road trip to Las Vegas and much like the Wolfpack in the Hangover, it was an exciting, entertaining time for all. Writer Rick Remender used this issue to fresh out Marcus’ gang/allies and showed how shockingly normal they are. They may be killers and assassins in training but like all teenagers, what they really want is to have a good time. Artist Wes Craig was wonderful in this issue and colorist Lee Loughrigde was nothing short of excellent, especially the part when Marcus was on his acid trip, Again, Deadly Class proves why it is a winner.

Rai #1- You have to give Valiant this; they know how to give their titles a stunning debut! Rai is the latest Valiant series and boy, is it stunning or what! Writer Matt Kindt went totally sci-fi on our ass as he showed a utopia Japan floating above the Earth and its sole protector, Rai. More importantly, this comic is freaking gorgeous! Clayton Crain put together a stunning, breathtaking world with great visuals all over the place. Yes, I know I used the word “stunning” 3 times already but that’s just how good this issue is. Read this issue if you doubt me; and then eat crow. 

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