Thursday, May 8, 2014

Comics this week

Original Sin #1- I must say for a Marvel event book, Original Sin is different. There's very little lead-up to the event as Marvel seem intend to let the event have an air of mystery. As writer Jason Aaron crafts his murder mystery, I can see why they did that. Backed by the dark and heavily-shadowed art of Mike Deodato Jr., the tone of the issue is vastly different from recent Marvel event books. And it works! The story and art match each other beautifully and the tone of the book makes you think this is a noir book. If Marvel was trying to go for something different here, they hit the jackpot. The only drawback I see in this book is the fact that Aaron is going to have 4 threads to the story. The unusual match-ups of Black Panther, Emma Frost and Ant-Man; Doctor Strange and Punisher; Gamora, Winter Soldier and Moon Knight; may be interesting but add them to the Captain America/ Nick Fury team and there's a danger Aaron may have bitten off more than he could chew. Still, this was a solid start with some good setup moments. I'll be here for #2.

Earth 2 #23- A Kryptonian more Superman than even Superman? I must say when I first saw Val all those issues ago, I did not envision that but in a way it does make sense. A man-child living in a cocoon all his life, it makes sense he would be unused to the danger and realities of life. Writer Tom Taylor also added a mystery in the return of Jonathan and Martha Kent which I assumed is a plot device for the World Army to beat Superman. I hope not because if I’m right, it’s just too bloody obvious. However the highlight of this issue is the return of Alan Scott. Artist Nicola Scott captured the moment perfectly and I dig his new costume. Now if only the Flash will return as well...

Magneto #3- I will say this; after a slow #1, writer Cullen Bunn has done a fine job on the series. The complexity of Magneto’s character is on full show in this issue as he finally tracked down the people building the Sentinels and we also get to see how the destruction of Genosha still haunt the mutant savior. I especially love the way Cullen refused to take the easy way out at the end. The reasoning of the Sentinel-makers were pretty much in line with Magneto's thinking when he ruled Genosha but much like how humankind refused to leave Genosho alone, Magneto refused to let any makers of Sentinels (whatever their reasons) off the hook. Superb!

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