Monday, December 29, 2014

Comics this week

Birthright #3- I’ll give writer Joshua Williamson and artist Andrei Bressan credit for putting together an excellent issue that’s both fun and good to look at. However the plot of the story need some work. After the sophomore issue which features a beat-down at a police station, this issue has Conan Mikey taking his family on the run from the Feds. Now I can understand the story potential of a road trip, but a guy who had successfully killed demons, dragons, and monsters running from the police? That’s just doesn’t tally. Birthright is still well-written, well-paced and interesting, but there’s a worry in trying to set things up, the writer is getting ahead of himself. It's good, but that's a worry. 

Magneto #13- One thing I have to say; of all the titles sucked in by the AXIS crossover event, Magneto is one of the few who had not been sunk by it. That is down to writer Cullen Bunn basically ignored the event until he couldn’t (the gathering of villains issue). Ignoring AXIS is what he did this issue, with a story that focused on Briar Raleigh and the effects Magneto has even on people who had never met him, and the series is better for it. Look at the Inhumans series if you don't believe me. The issue is pure setup, but it moves the story forward and did it in an interesting way. Good work Mr. Bunn! 

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