Monday, December 22, 2014

Why The Hate?

I have been keeping quiet on the new LTA app, Taxi-Taxi@SG, but as people keep complaining about the app, I feel the need to ask a question. Why do you guys believe the app must have a booking system?

I don’t get all these complains about the LTA app. The main complain people has is that you can’t make booking on it. Well, that’s because LTA is not a taxi company. When you want to make a booking, do you call LTA? Of course not, you call the taxi company. So why do you believe the new LTA app “must” have a booking system?

That makes no sense to me. If they have a booking system on the app, who are you going to pay the booking fee to? Again, LTA is not a taxi company. The app is a system to show nearby taxis; designed for people for do NOT want to make a booking.

That seems like a very good thing to me. There’s already apps like GrabTaxi and Uber for people who want to make taxi bookings. What good would another be? An app to show nearby taxis seem like a good idea to me, and that’s what Taxi-Taxi@SG is. The app is FREE to boot! 

I personally don’t see what the big issue is. If you’re really unhappy about the free app, then don’t bloody download it. No one is forcing you to us it right? The hate for the app makes no sense. 


Anonymous said...

tax payers' money

Ghost said...

Used to make an app that actually makes sense. Still don't get the hate.