Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mother Nature

As everyone knows, Air Asia flight QZ 8501 went missing a few days ago during a flight from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore. With the Indonesian Navy reporting that it has retrieved more than 40 bodies along with debris from the plane about 10km away from the spot where the plane was last seen on the radar, it is all but confirmed that the plane went down in the sea.

With more bodies expected to be pulled from the water, chances are slim that anyone had survived the flight and the blame game will start will start in earnest. It’s human nature to need someone to blame. It’s normal but in this case useless.

Bad weather was the cause of the crash and I personally don’t think you can blame anyone for it. Sure, you can argue the plane should not be allowed to take off with a monsoon storm on the horizon but it’s the monsoon season in the region. Flying through storms is normal in this time of the year. However normal it is, unfortunately for this flight, something went wrong and the plane went down.

If there’s someone to blame, it’s Mother Nature and there’s not much anyone can do about her. For all the talk by experts, when you fly through a monsoon storm, there is always a chance something could go wrong. Even in modern times with all our technology, Mother Nature is still the boss of us all. That is just a fact.

Finding a scapegoat, whether it's a person or a company, will not change that. On Earth, Mother Nature is still the queen.   

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