Monday, December 8, 2014

Rules Need To Be Changed

It’s called the unicycle, or more actually; the electric unicycle. The futuristic-looking ride is basically a one-wheel electric bicycle which comes with a system that prevents users from falling off, much like the Segway.

I had seen it very often in the city area where I work and between it, the electric kick-scooter and electric bicycle, it is part of the wave of alternative electronic transport that is mushrooming in Singapore. Now if only the TP (Traffic Police) will allow people to use them!

Despite what people thinks, these sort of vehicles are not banned in Singapore. Shops are legally allowed to sell them. The restriction is in the use of the electric vehicles. The LTA (Land Transport Authority) do not allow them on public roads; the NParks do not allow them in parks; and the TP do not allow them on pavements. Why are they not allowed on pavement?

I can understand the restriction placed by the LTA and NParks, but why are these vehicles not allowed on pavements? I mean electric wheelchairs are allowed right? So why not the electric unicycle or the electric kick-scooter?

Honestly, I can’t see any reason. The TP need to look into the matter and allow these vehicles to be used. They are not a danger to pedestrians (and I would know since I walked past them so many times), they are useful, and they are environmentally friendly. They should be allowed!

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