Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Monopoly Movie?

Now everyone knows Hollywood has ran out of ideas years ago and are now just rehashing ideas from other medium. TV series (Mission Impossible), cartoons (Ninja Turtles), comics (you name it), books (ditto); all have adaptations to the silver screen. Now you can add one more to that list; Board games!

Yes, you read that right. Hasbro has announced that they will create a movie based on Monopoly, the classic board game. Created over than a century, I think it’s fair to say everyone has either played or heard of Monopoly before, but a movie based on the game? It sounds stupid.

Now I won’t say it’s impossible to do it, or even that it won’t be good (I'm thinking Wall Street with cash thrown around and Jail time for the characters), but there’s just something wrong with the idea of making a movie based on the board game. It just sounds wrong to me.  

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