Monday, July 27, 2015

Silly Season Is Here Again!

With the Electoral Boundary Review Committee’s report out already, any pretense that a GE (General Election) is not coming is over. So do you know what that means? It means it's the season for silly Singaporean's complains!

Case in point; Mr. Chew B.W for his complaints about the rising cost of living. Now many Singaporeans has the same complains but the problem for Mr. Chew is that he lives in a private estate and his complains include as the cost of a year's tuition at The Learning Lab ($4,000) and a fencing costume for one of his children ($600). 

Many netizens on social media has been mocking Mr. Chew about his complains but come on people; it's election season! You know what they say; in Singapore, you can't complain against anything. During election, you can complain about everything.

So for the netizens do missed out on complaining about Mr. Chew; don't worry. There will be more cases like Mr. Chew's in the near future. All the way till the exact GE!

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