Thursday, July 16, 2015

Comics this week

Justice League #42- I heard of having too many cooks, but “The Darkseid War” seems to be suffering from having too many good ingredients. There are just so many good points in the story writer Geoff Johns seems undecided on what to focus on. To be fair, the man may just be a victim of his own success because everything here is on him. The JL team, Darkseid, Anti-Moniter,  Myrina Black and her daughter Grail; everything that’s here was down to the man and he’s trying to give everyone a chance to shine. Personally, I would prefer that more time be spent with Superman and Lex but that might mean less than with the JL team which might mean the shocking end of this issue may not pay off as great as it did here. Like I said, a victim of his own success. 

Moon Knight #17- For the past few issues, Marc Spector had been on a tear against other worshippers of Khonshu. Spector is trying to prevent others members of the Khonshu clergy from using their powers for ill intent but the problem is the God of the Moon and Night Travelers has 3 faces and it is clear that Spector only represent one aspect of the god. When his opponent this issue asked Spector why he was so narrow-minded and why they couldn’t co-exist side-by-side, his only answer was to burn down the building. Another excellent issue here! 

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