Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Myth Of Unity

With the General Election (GE) widely expected to be called in September, the various opposition parties are to meet to discuss strategy. The planned meeting is mainly for opposition parties to avoid multi-cornered fights.

That may be good and true but anyone expecting anything more than that from the opposition are living in dreamland. Simply put; not all opposition parties are equal. Many people say the Worker's Party (WP) are first among equals among the opposition parties in Singapore. They are wrong.

The WP are the only opposition party with candidates in  Parilment (NMPs do not count), so that makes them not first among equals but the only opposition party of note in Singapore. The rest of the opposition may take offence at this but to me, the WP are the only party who has prove at the ballot box that they can  faced the People's Action Party (PAP) and they should be treated accordingly.

WP has said that they are going to contest 28 seats in the coming GE and to me, that means the rest of the opposition need to make way in those 28 seats. They can contest the rest but those 28 should be solely for the WP.

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