Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Comics this week

Secret Wars #4- We always knew it was coming but when it did, it still came as a surprise. The team of Doom and Strange was always going to break with time but when it did, it was...kind of sad. These two managed to save the universe but old relations from the old universe caused the tag-team to break and it was something neither one of them wanted. It was just something that's destined to happen. Artist Esad Ribic managed to show the reluctance of Doom as he killed his one real connection to the old universe and it perfectly complement writer Jonathan Hickman's story.

We Stand On Guard #1- Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan has been on a roll lately and We Stand On Guard changes nothing on that score. Teaming up with artist Steve Skroce for an action-packed military thriller that is set 100 years in the future, We Stand On Guard #1 has one of the most intense opening scenes I can remember. A family sitting down watching television got blasted by a missile but before dying, the father made his young son promise to take care of his younger sister. This was a great start and it continued on throughout the issue. Canada has been invaded by their southern neighbour and a heroic band of Canadian civilians must defend their homeland from the United States of America. With detailed combat, giant robots, and a gritty, gripping story, this issue is superb. Looking forward to #2! 

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