Thursday, September 10, 2015

Comics this week

Deadly Class #16- Good news, bad news time! Bad news; this series is taking another break and will only return in December. Good news; the return is going to be killer! After some issues treading water, writer Rick Remender finally put the hammer down as the teachers of the academy free the handle bars and allow these murderous kids to prove they have what it takes to go on to the second year of the academy. Unfortunately, we need to wait till December to see the fallout but when it gets here; I will be there. 

Injection #5- The opening arc of Injection comes to an end as writer Warren Ellis reveals the birth of the Injection, what it was designed to do, and what it is now. Anyone reading the series from the beginning will not be too surprised by the reveal as Ellis has been dropping hints about the Injection since #2, but it does seem like we will be seeing more of the members of the CCCU outside Maria Kilbride from now on. Two members are working together and Robin Morel was basically told by a spirit he summoned to man up and embrace his magical heritage. To me, that's a good thing. Keep it coming!  

Ms. Marvel #18- One issue to go before the series ends and go into reboot mode, writer G. Willow Wilson deals with the family dynamics of the Khan family as Kamala's brother gains superpowers and we discovered that her mother knew about her being a superhero. I love this issue! Part of the charm of Kamala Khan is the fact that she's very unsure about her role in life. She wants to be a superhero but isn't always sure what that means. At the same time, she wants to be a good daughter but isn't sure being a superhero is something her parents will approve of. Wilson again proves she's the perfect writer for the character as it looks like we will be gaining closure on some of these questions. Great issue!

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