Monday, September 28, 2015

Comedy Injury

The Rugby World Cup is on right now in the U.K, and Japan just scored the biggest upset in the competition's history when they beat 2-time World Cup winners South Africa 34-32 victory last weekend. To show what a shock that was, Japan was then crushed by Scotland 45-10 in the very next game.

However Japan has a ready excuse for the defeat against Scotland; 2 exactly! First, they were still on the high after the win against South Africans. Second, their winger Akihito Yamadawas injured after being bitten by a weever fish. What?

In case you do not know, weever fish are fishes that bury themselves in sand during the day and catches passing prey with their poisonous dorsal fins and gills.Winger Akihito Yamadawas was part of the team that shocked South Africa but he was absent for the defeat against Scotland because he was stung by a weever fish when swimming off the sea in Brighton during a recovery session.

It seems that the Japanese team was doing a recovery session in the sea when he got stung and I have to say; this has to be the funniest injury in the history of the Rugby World Cup. Of course considering the crushing defeat by the Scots, missing the game might not be that bad of a thing for Yamadawas.

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