Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Comics this week

Paybacks #1- How much money is there is being a superhero? Not much if you really think about it. Being a villain has it's rewards because if you score a big heist or do a good job, you got it made. Being a hero...there's no finance rewards in it right? That's the premise in this new series by Dark Horse where super-powered repo-man go into the homes and lairs of superheroes to repossess their (and I quote) crime-fighting gadgets, invisible jets, or suits of armor. If you consider the amount of cash Batman throws away every time he goes on patrol, this new series by writer Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal is going to have of material to play with. 

Rai #10- I must say, this 2 thread story line writer Matt Kindt is on after coming back from the break is showing a lot of promise. We have Rai on Earth where he is travelling and slowly gathering allies, and at the same time, the remaining rebels on New Japan are picking up the pieces after their defeat. We even has a great mini arc on Spylocke and how Lula, even if both he and her do not know it yet, has been positioned to be Spylocke's successor since she was a child. Of course, everything under the expert art of Clayton Crain. Great! 

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