Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The New Minister of Transport

With the win in the General Elections (GE), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has announced his latest Cabinet. There's some strange decisions in this Cabinet, like the fact that there are now 2 Acting Ministers of Education, but what Singaporeans really want to know is this. Who's the unlucky chap who is going to be the next Minister of Transport? 

The answer is Khaw Boon Wan. The current Minister of National Development will take over from Lui Tuck Yew who did not contest in the latest GE after having a horrid time as the Transport Minister. Could Mr. Khaw Boon Wan do any better? Considering that the transport portfolio has claimed the political careers of 3 men (Yeo Cheow Tong, Raymond Lim and Lui Tuck Yew), the chances are not likely. 

In all fairness, Mr. Khaw probably have a better chance of getting things right than Mr. Lui as the Singapore government has been trying to fix the train breakdown problems for years. A lot of work has already been put in, and with his experience, Mr. Khaw will have a better chance than Mr. Lui to set things right. However the problems with the MRT is so huge it's a huge task no matter who takes over.

Now I'm not jumping on the bandwagon here, but good luck Mr. Khaw Boon Wan. You're going need it at your new job.

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