Monday, October 19, 2015

Autotune Is A Fact

Is autotune a bad thing? To me, it is. To me, real singers should be able to sing without the help of digital audio manipulation but you know what; the horse has long bolted out of that stall. So I don't quite understand all the fuss on the "China's New Generation of Sound" video.

A viral video showing two kids Jeffrey Li (aged 10) and Celine Tam (aged 7), singing the song "You Raise Me Up" on the singing show "China's New Generation of Sound", the video has sparked controversy over its perceived use of autotune. Viewer of the video has harshly commented on the show's less than subtle use of autotune for the child singers, especially for Jeffery Li.

My view is that there is little doubt in my mind that autotune was used what? Singers use autotune nowadays. That is just a fact. Britney Spears is well-known to use it and even "real" singers like Adam Levine use it. That's just a sad fact.

So cool it on the kids. Yes, they used autotune...along with thousands of others throughout the world.

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