Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Comics this week

Superman Lois & Clark #1- The New 52 reset 2 years ago got a lot of things right, but the new Superman was not one of them. You can understand why DC tried to do it. A younger, less experienced and less powerful Superman seems like a good bet to boost the character's popularity but it didn't work. To many people, Superman being around so long it's hard to imagine him as anything less than all-powerful. I'm one of those people. That was why I pick up this issue. An older, more powerful Superman more in line with the classic Superman character? Count me in.

Ms. Marvel #19- The end of the series and writer G. Willow Wilson closes off the series by trying to tie up as many plots as possible. The family dynamics of the Khan family got the majority of the attention as Kamala and her mother comes to an understanding about her superheroing but Wilson also gave attention to the potential relationship between Kamala and Bruno. Not everything was tied up with a neat bow and that's to the credit of Wilson. Look forward to the new series! 

Spider-Gwen #1- The original Spider-Gwen series was a breakout hit for Marvel but this being Marvel, that doesn't stop them from closing off  the series and starting with a new #1. Luckily for them, nothing has changed as the new Spider-Gwen is every bit as interesting as the old Spider-Gwen. Of course this being Marvel, that's probably not going to stop them  from cancelling this series and restarting with yet another #1. Till then, enjoy this series. 

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