Thursday, October 22, 2015

Comics this week

Justice League #45- The King is dead; Long live the Kings! That's seems to be the motto of the Darkseid War after last issue's shocking ending. With Darkseid now dead, the balance of the cosmos is now out of balance and certain members of the Justice League have now inherited part of the power. Basically some members now have the powers of gods and they are not ready for it. Amazing how writer Geoff Johns had played with all our expectations in this storyline and how good of a job he had done. It's no wonder DC is going all in on the Justice League; everything seems to be going right. Even the change of artist was the correct decision. Francis Manapul's work is almost perfect for the darker tone of the story right now. Pick this up, if not then get ready to buy the TPB. You won't regret it.

Payback #2- After the strange, funny, and very interesting debut, writers Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal attempt to extend the story and, for the most part, succeeded. It seems the super-powered repomen that is the Paybacks do not consist of only heroes; villains who have fallen in debt are also in the team and placing heroes and villains side-by-side on the same team seems like a recipe for drama. The only worry I have is that the seemingly easy placement of Mr. Pierce as the "Big Bad" of the series. I hope they are not going down that road. It's too easy of a call.

Rai #11- You have to give writer Matt Kindt credit. Few writers would have so much belief in their ability that they use 3 issues to setup the story. Since Rai's return, that's what been happening as we see the various factions retool and rearmed themselves to take on Father again. The surprising thing is how well it has been going. Kindt is dropping hints here and there for readers on how things are going to play out and it is keeping things interesting. The part where it is hinted that Rai and Rai VIII were not the only Rais to have been banished from New Japan was nothing short of gold for long time readers. And the last page showing the aged Eternal Warrior? Artist Clayton Crain need a pay rise just for that page alone.

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